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Default Just got HDMI Cable in.... TV not taking signal from it

Well isnt this great. My Cable box doesn't appear to want to use this HDMI connection. I did a search and found this.

Originally Posted by joeshmoe
Scott from Cox Technical Support just told me that there is a known issue with the Explorer HD 8300 and handshaking with various TV sets (mine is a Vizio L37) using the HDMI ports. They said there is no resolution at this point and they refuse to add anyone to a list for getting back to us when it is resolved. They say that customer's only option is to check back from time to time, or use the component video cables instead of the HDMI. How do you like that for customer service? I also talked to Vizio technical support, who at first told me that they had never heard of the issue, but when pressed, they then told me that there is a known issue with the explorer box. At least they offered to put me on a list to be notified in case there is a resolution.

I have the Explorer HD 8300. This post i found is from a year ago. Does anyone know of any fix for this problem I am having? Alot of people are saying it has to do with this HDCP bull****!
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