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Default Re: Just got HDMI Cable in.... TV not taking signal from it

Originally Posted by Ancient
According to Hitachi your HDTV has HDCP, so that shouldn't be an issue. I'm using HDMI on an 8300HD with no problems so unless Cox hasn't enabled the HDMI port on your STB it shouldn't be a problem either.

You can try rebooting the 8300HD. Just hold down the power button on the box until "boot" appears on the led display.

If that doesn't fix it you'll have to try another HDMI cable or give Cox a call.
It does have HDCP? You sure? Where did you find this information? Well thats cool if its true.

Anyway, its still doesn't work. I tried what you said. Doesn't work. I even found this link here and people are doing ALL KINDS of combinations to get their HDMI to work. Still no go. Don't know what to do.
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