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Default Re: Just got HDMI Cable in.... TV not taking signal from it

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Yea, tried that and no go.

you like blu-ray and PS3 more than HDMI? Thats definitely saying something. You still use HDMI right? Isn't it the best thing to use for picture quality?
My HD DVD player is the HD-A2, which has no analog outs. I have to use HDMI to get the decoded DD+ and TrueHD sound to my receiver.

My 8300HD, I use component. Tired of issues between it and my Sony TV with HDMI. My component cables are ripoff Monster cables and are only 3 feet long. You do need high quality for component as it's analog. I do not notice any difference between a high end, short component cable and an HDMI. This is on a 70" 1080p television viewed at 12.5'
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