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Default Re: Just got HDMI Cable in.... TV not taking signal from it

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
It does have HDCP? You sure? Where did you find this information? Well thats cool if its true.
Found it here:

2 HDMI inputs are compatible with DVI-HDTV (HDCP) signals when combined with an adapter cable. Adapter cable is not included.

Odd that they would specify only DVI-HDTV signals though.

Anyway, its still doesn't work. I tried what you said. Doesn't work. I even found this link here and people are doing ALL KINDS of combinations to get their HDMI to work. Still no go. Don't know what to do.
See if Cox can supply a different model of cable box or at least have them verify the HDMI port is working properly on the one you've got.
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