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Default Re: I've got a real quandry here; or when guildes begin to disintigrate from within

OM-fricken Gawd... I can not believe how he rolled this. I was speaking with this friend of mine, as we were questing. I had also spoken with some other people. Anyhow, as this individual's last acts as guild master, he:

1. Spontantiously announced in guild info that flashed on everyone's screen that the vent server would no longer be supported.

Then after having fricken /gkicked anyone for daring to ask where the guild was headed (not an illegitimate question); till we're down to 68 actual characters, not necessarily players (and having lost some of our best players within their classes in the midst of all this), he:

2. Spontaniously announced that people don't like him, so he's stepping down and making me the guild master. He ran a great guild, that had progressed up to MC, might have gotten Hakkar in ZG one night, and the first boss in AQ 20; into the ground. Then when it's irrecably broken from what I can see; he dumps it all in my lap.

I have no idea what to do at this point, and unlike him who got a kick outa abusing his powers for the heck of it; actually do have a sense of responsibility; even if I never saught to have this dumped in my lap. I have no idea what to do now, and no idea what to tell people at the spur of the moment. People shoulda been given some answers weeks ago, rather then what they got
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