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Default Re: 9629 & 9631 both not installing on FBSD 6.2

Originally Posted by adamk75
You need to set X11BASE to /usr/X11R6 (which is done differently depending on the shell you use) before running make install.

Thanks Adam ;-) It didn't work on the 9631, but it did work on the 9629.

But now I face another problem: my refresh rate is much too low. With the original FBSD driver I could put it to 75Hz, but now with this driver (and AGP and 3d acceleration enabled) in my desktop settings the maximum refresh rate is 52Hz (@1280x1024). My monitor allows for horizontal 30 - 82 kHz, vertical 56-76Hz. I have included that in xorg.conf, but still I can't select a higher refresh rate in my desktop. Like said, with the FBSD driver it did work, and on XP it also works (so my card and monitor should be able to handle it).

Would you happen to have any clue why this is?

Thanks again ;-)
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