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Default Re: CoolIT Systems Anyone Tried?

Here is a scanned copies of the ICE HAWK product brochure I got at E3, where I met up with the cool it guys.

upclose at E3
upclose at E3 second image

This never made it to the market, I've called and left messages with the product manager. They keep saying it's only 30-60 days away.

In the images above, you can see it on a video card. They used a single card to show the GPU block better. They also had the Dells in the back with quad SLI coolers but they did not know if those would be released to the gen public.

I beleive the cpu cooler shown in these images I took, was the OEM cooler for the Dells. They did not want a flashy bright blue CPU cooler taking away from the ICE HAWK, which was their main focus at the show.
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