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Default 6600GT Terrible 2D performance

A while back I bought a 6600GT from Gigabyte because it was the only decent fanless card I could find. It has had continuous performance problems with 2D whenever anti-aliased fonts are enabled (it's not terrific when they are disabled either mind)

It is literally sometimes lagging me typing this message in right now. If I use Konsole then you can easily watch the redraw down the screen. Dragging Konsoles scroll bar up and down generates 100% cpu load.

If I turn off aliased fonts then I have trouble reading stuff on my LCD screen in Firefox and Thunderbird in particular - fonts are very gritty and poor quality. However, 2D speeds are dramatically better and things almost become bearable (but it's still a lot slower than same applications Windows on slower hardware). GLXGears gives 3,600 or so...

I have played with suggestions on this forum for months now and just tried updating to the latest drivers to no effect. I need a solution though

Can someone from NVidia please help (or tell me how I can trade it up for a working card...)
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