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That site is pretty awesome…lots of fantastic and detailed information.

On digital cable, the HD channels are all the 500 counterpart of their SD channel (for the most part).

4 – NBC
5 – CBS
6 – Fox
12 – ABC
41 - Discovery

504 – NBC
505 – CBS
506 – Fox
512 – ABC
541 – Discovery

This site has both digital and analog channels listed and the digital channels are the same as what I have listed as SD above (a few of the OTA channels have different numbers due to cable…CBS is actually 58 OTA but Time Warner has it as 5).

So is Channel 4 WTMJ-DT the HD version of Channel 4 also? Actually, you know what? I don’t think it is. All of the SD channels seem to be their actual channel and are VHF while the digital versions are UHF and are .1 higher. WTMJ is 4 while WTMJ-DT is 4.1. Sweet.
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