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Originally Posted by evilghost
Np. Use and see what the stations around you are broadcasting in, UHF or VHF. If all the HD's are VHF only then a standard set of rabbit ears will work. If they're UHF then you just need a UHF loop, you don't have to extend the rabbit ears. If they're both, you'll be good with either.

This is what I use, I lied @ $9.00, the price has dropped to $4.00:
That's AWESOME! There was a Radioshack literally 3 blocks from my apt on campus, but I think they went out of business. Either way, I believe there's another near my office at the mall downtown so I could stop on my way home from work...

I read the description of that antenna but couldn't see anything about it acting as a coaxial input. Does it have inputs for cable TV as well or do I need to get a splitter of some sort?
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