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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by c0m4nch3
hi, i am brazilian

i have one problema with mohaa that crashes during loading mission. I need the programa nHancer to modifiy the "extend limit".

So i have installed nHancer but i can not get to execute nhancer because of error: "The currently active display driver (nv4_disp') is not compatible with nHancer. Only nVidia Forceware versions 6x.xx and later are supported!"

I am using 93.81 with 7600GT

Sorry for bad my english
Oops, I just realized that I uploaded a faulty file a couple of hours ago onto the server. I just replaced it with the correct one.

Please uninstall the version you just downloaded, download the file again and install this version.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
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