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Default Newbie plugging along...

Newbie questions here:

I'm running Mandrake 9.1. When the Nvidia documentation says to 'exit your x server' before installing, how is that done? I know what the X server is (I'm using KDE and Gnome) but my only options on the logon screen are: KDE, Gnome, Failsafe, and Default. I tried Ctrl-ALt-Back and got the same options as 'logout'. If I select 'Failsafe' I get a non-GUI interface in the lower right corner of the logon screen but the installer still said my X server was running. So I rebooted, hit I for interactive startup, and selected somthing like "Multiuser command line with network"

This is where I installed from. Earlier I figured out how to install binutils (cool), and found my XFree86-4 file. Now I taught myself how to use vi, and changed 'nv' to 'nvidia'. Also I learned about su to become root.

Rebooted and could not start X. :-( checked the XFree log file and:

EE Unable to load Nvidida Kernel Module , (or something similar)

Went back to the readme, checked the following in XFree86 file:
Load "glx" -there
there was no "dri" or "GLcore" -cool

Back to the log file,

Using the right config file -check (==)config file:xf85config-4
(II) LoadModule: "nvidia" line was there -check .

BUT-- Under the /dev folder there is NO nvidia anything! In another post I read to check for nvidia files being there. (That was an absolute path, right?)

SO I am stumped. Really want to play Tuxracer. If I change nvidia back to nv in the xfree file I can at least get back to X.

Any ideas, I really don't want to give up. My card is a Geforce 4 4200. I think it has something to do with where I installed from. Typing this from M$, not happy...
Intel D845EBG2L P4 2.4
Mandrake 9.1
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