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Default Re: I've got a real quandry here; or when guildes begin to disintigrate from within

Originally Posted by UDawg
Your guild is busted. Tell them the truth. The former GM dumped the problem on your lap and you had no intention of fixing a broken guild. Then quit the guild or go and form a new one. Either way I would not stay under the same name.
Thanks, and your right. Prior to all of this; the guild had made a name for itself and more then a few thought we would be the next one's to make it. We had people from some of the top raiding guildes such as Noctas Erus, Dynasy, and others who were joining us on some raides (such as the first time we stepped foot in MC, as well as when we were beginning to tackle some new bosses in ZG), to show us the ropes and all. We had several people who were accepted outright to join KAOS, which isn't an easy to get into guild, of former Resilience members, formed for Outland content. But now, I can't help but to think our reputation has been utterly ruined, especially as word has no doubt gotten out, with the increasing number of individuals who have left.

The funny thing is, I was discussing things with my friend, and had commented that if we didn't find one which would raid when he could get on (he lives in the East Coat US, and this is an Australian realm), we could always make one. With the increasing number of transfers... But as he said, he doesn't have that sorta time now, I'm looking for a job and don't know what my time will be; and realistically I couldn't take the whole responsibility upon myself without people I could trust to provide the necessary support. Nor would I want to place myself on the spot, without people I know, and could trust (especially with the delegation of power) beside me to help in carrying out such functions as a GM. And that's not withstanding, having only been lvl 60 since last October/November, and the guild itself having only been raiding so long; I simply don't have the experience to help lead a group, without a fair bit of experience and learning on my own part.

In any case, I rather reluctantly at first (not wanting to be one to dump the problems in someone's lap, but also not wanting to disband if it might hinder some people's chances in getting recruited to another guild, being guildless); passed it onto a friend of a long time member of the guild.

The person created their character and started again, and is level 8. Hopefully he'll have time to build something anew, before he comes to raiding level himself. I guess all that remains, is when my friend gets back on; giving him the fill in of what the previous GM had done (right after he had gone to bed mind you), and then for the both of us to try and pick up from where it all left.
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