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Default Ragnarok server BloodyRO

New opened server
Castles:The more people will come the more castles will be opened
Classes:all and additional Gunslinger,Ninja,Taekwon,StarGladiator,Soulinker
Events:20-24 of server time, but events may appera whenever people are on or long term quests will be set on
GMs:almost always active, friendly, they are here for you, they must help
Locations:all locations from last update
Rebornnly after reaching 99lvl, after that you may chose another class for example(from Sin you may chose Sniper)
ServerOn:24 hours 7 days in week

If someone have any questions jsut ask.
This is a link toour site:
Please vote for our server links are on the right side of site.

Ingame contact GM-Satanist , GM-Darkstar or GM-AuK
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