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Default Post your Blu-ray discs here

The below comment taken from betterdan's HD DVD thread. I initially listed both in that thread but I was politely informed that the two formats shouldn't be mixed. Oops...

I thought it would be good to list the Blu-ray discs you have so if anyone was thinking about getting one they could check here and see if someone else owned it and ask how the quality was or anything else.

Here is my list so far:

Aeon Flux
AvP (Alien versus Predator)
Behind Enemy Lines
Black Hawk Down
The Covenant
The Descent *
Dinosaur *
Employee of the Month *
Fantastic 4
The Fifth Element
Flightplan *
Fly Boys *
The Gridiron Gang *
The Guardian *
The Haunted Mansion *
Ice Age: The Meltdown *
Into the Blue
Invincible *
Kingdom of Heaven
Million Dollar Baby *
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Silent Hill
Stargate *
Tears of the Sun
Tomb Raider
Underworld: Evolution
The Wicker Man *
X3: The Last Stand

* means I didn't already own the standard def DVD when I purchased it

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