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Default xfx 6800gt Pci-e Boot problem

Hi All,
I have just installed an xfx geforce 6 256mb 6800gt pcie card onto my ecs k8t890-a motherboard.
When ever I boot up after the machine has been off for a while i get 3-4 screens of multi coloured flashing squares. My pc boots fine as i can see it on my network but I dont get anything on my screen after the flashing squares yet if i press the reset button everything comes on fine.
I have put the lateset nvidia drivers on hoping that would help but no such look.
A tech guy at work said it is a driver problem. Please any help would be gratefully accepted.

My spec is as follows

Tagan 420 i-xeye psu
ECS K8T890-a mobo
Xfx 6800gt pcie g card
120gb phillips hd
80 gb maxtor hd
1gb elixir ram
Pioneer 107 dvd/cd rewriter

thankyou in anticipation

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