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Actually, they weren't triggered by anything at all. The machine in question had no user at the console at all since it was turned on (I was just using it over SSH for RPM building (since it is the only machine I have running an RPM-based system), but I cannot imagine that having any effect on the graphics card, right?). The X server was (obviously) running with a user having been auto-logged-in by gdm, but there was no actual input on it, and no processes running in the X session apart from the usual GNOME stuff, so it should have been perfectly idle. If it makes any difference, the X server is running AIGLX with the compiz stuff.

In fact, the machine is experiencing some instability (random lockups). At first, I thought it was due to ACPI, but that turned out not to be the case. Hopefully this will turn out to be the cause.

It's turned off right now, though, and I don't have the opportunity to turn it on. I'll have to come back with the nvidia-bug-report when I get it back online.
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