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Default Re: Post your HD DVDs here

Originally Posted by DarkJedi664
Hmmm pirated ones???

Superman Returns
Mission Impossible 3

Will grow as more are available

Whats quite funny is, the HD-DVD is about 20-30GB each, yet each movie itself, is only 10-20GB in size, the rest is all extras crap. Now the "other" HD movies I have (from sources like PremierHD, BBCHD, Sky-HD) are about the same size and equal quality (the h264 and MPEG-2 ones); the only real difference here is, the upgraded sound. Oh but wait, you're going to cry and bitch at how VC-1 pwns the world and blah blah blah. Fanboys make me laugh
Last time I checked, this was about posting the HD DVDs you own, not rambling some incoherent crap that no one cares about.
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