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Exclamation fan noise with nVidiaŽ GeForceŽ 7900GS

Dear User,

I have a new workstation with a nVidiaŽ GeForceŽ 7900GS graphic card
running latest OpenSuse linux. the problem is the noise of the card
fan running non nvidia driver. the fan is running always on full speed.


1. I want to use the card on a XEN activated linux workstation.
2. the default NVIDIA driver does not support XEN
3. the default X.Org NVIDIA driver support XEN but does not support
fan control

for now I have 2 possibilities:

1. use the card but not use XEN
2. get a silent card from somebody and replace the 7900GS

I kindly ask the nvidia support for one of 3 possible solutions:

1. provide a XEN aware linux driver to the card mentioned above
2. replace my current card with a silent card
3. help the X.Org team to add fan control to the default linux driver

can somebody help me ?


Andreas Otto
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