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Default 8800GTS SuSE 10.2 severe stability issues

Hi everyone

My system locks up completely after a couple of minutes of work, especially when it's being active (like wiggle the mouse, open some firefox tabs, closing them). By lock up, I mean complete lock up with no means of ssh, even caps lock on the keyboard wont turn on..

Some specs:
AB9 Pro
Chipset: ICH8R, in AHCI mode (no IDE emulation)
A single Seagate SATA harddrive
Dell 2007WFP connected via DVI
2GB OCZ PC6400 Platinum RAM.
C2D 6600
2x Integrated Realtek 8168 PCIe network cards
Latest Nvidia driver from source.

The system is not overclocked, and Windows runs just fine.

So, I have tried the stability tips mentioned:
pci=nommconf idle=poll vga=normal

same problem.

I have run xorg with the "vesa" driver, and everything works stable (apart from being extremely slow). The "nv" driver doesn't work.

I have tried other linux-distros, but Ubuntu and Slackware wouldn't boot the installer. I'm aware of some compatibility issues with the ICH8R chipset, but that should only be in IDE-emulation-mode, not in AHCI-mode as that is an open specification (as per

I have also run memtest86+ about 10 times, with no problems reported. UPDATE: I am also running the latest BIOS for my motherboard.

I'm not running Compiz, but I see that SuSE has a built-in extension of COMPOSITE; I haven't tested turning it off yet (realised that now). Let me come back to that, and if it helps I'll mention it and close this bugreport. UPDATE: It didn't help.

Note that I couldn't get Xorg up with 32bits, it's running in 24bits. It should of course be able to run in 32bits..
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