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Default Re: 9629 & 9631 both not installing on FBSD 6.2

Originally Posted by zander
The screenshots look fine; are you using a CRT or a DFP? If you're using a DFP, is it connected via DVI or SUBD? You may want to start X with -logverbose 6 and take a closer look at the information on mode validation, etc., provided by the NVIDIA X driver.
Hi Zander ;-)

Thanks for your reply.

I was afraid of you saying the screenshot looked fine; I doubted it could demonstrate clearly enough what I am seeing. I've uploaded one made under XP; can you see the difference now? The last of the three links in my first post shows that under BSD the fonts are much bolder than under XP (although, under XP, *in this screenshot* they are also a little bold: in practice they are not; I have no clue why the last screenshot still makes it look like under XP they are also too bold).

I am using a 19" HP (f1904) LCD/TFT-screen. Not with DVI, so I am assuming it is then SUBD (I have no clue what it means ). It's the same cable that was also connected to my CRT-monitors.

Starting X with -logverbose 6? Sure, if I can find out how (I am still very new to BSD )

This is the screenshot I uploaded, made under XP:

Thanks again for your kind help ;-)
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