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Default Re: Sending video through audio receiver?

Originally Posted by shabby
Other then for convenience of pressing one less button, it there a point of sending your video signal through your audio receiver? Is there a loss of quality by any chance?
If you're using HDMI it can be advantageous because it doesn't use any form of compression and so it's lossless. You replace menagery of cables with just a couple of HDMI cables too. Not to mention that routing the video through the receiver can simplify the programming of universal remotes. You don't have to keep switching sources and inputs since it's all basically controlled through the receiver.

The downside is that if you're going to run video signals through a receiver you'll want to have a good receiver. One that can do HDMI at 1080P and up-converts with quality scaling can be a bit pricey. Right now I'm looking at getting one of these.
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