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Default Re: Failed to load GLX after new hard drive

QUOTE=SirDice]4.8 isn't supported by the freebsd team anymore. 4.11 (the last 4.x release) will be EOL at the end of this month. So I'm kind of curious why you're still running such an old version [/quote]

I am a small business operator who maintains a web site and a series of office computers while serving customers, paying taxes, and doing all the other stuff that a business operator does. My FreeBSD machine is a development machine for my current web site. Much of my development time is now taken up with creating a completely new web site which will do away with the need for the FreeBSD development machine. Meanwhile, I would like to get the FreeBSD machine working again for use in the short term. I have better things to do with my time than upgrade to the latest bells and whistles if the old ones are working OK. In this case the old machine was working fine until the hard drive failure described.

So, having said that, do you have any helpful suggestions?
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