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But how long has the pc/dvd been around now? 4 years? more?

The medium STILL hasn't been used for any purpose besides movies.

It doesn't actually make sense to buy a dvd drive now. But it would if companies would smarten up.

Visual Studio .net comes on SEVEN, count'em SEVEN CDs. All seven could fit on a single DVD.

MSDN Libraries come on 3 CDs. Why not make a DVD?

Baldur's Gate II and Fallout Tactics both came on 4+ CDs. Make a dvd edition!

Also, imagine if games like Freespace2 or similar ones came on a single DVD instead of 3 CDs.

The cinematics and music quality wouldn't have to be lowered to fit on said CDs. The cinematics in FS2, while incredibly cool, were horribly compressed. Compression artifacts were EVERYWHERE. It sucked. And the music in that game was also kinda low-fi. Make a dvd edition and BAM! Perfect cinematics and muic, while only having to deal with a single disc! If the devs put the effort anyway, why ruin it with lossy compression?
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