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Question StartX Slow on various systems with GeForce 3 Ti 500

I just reformatted my system and switched most of my components over to a new motherboard and CPU. I installed the stock copy of RedHat 9 (Shrike), and am running kernel 2.4.20-9. When I boot, I always default to runlevel 3 (that's my personal preference, not a part of the problem.) Anyway, I installed nVidia's drivers version 1.0-4363. Now when I run startx to bring up KDE, it takes about 4 minutes time to boot. Basically, startx just starts so slowly that it makes it a pain in the butt to even get into KDE to do the one or two tasks I need it for. If it didn't take forever to load, maybe I'd use it for more things, but right now I just jump from terminal to terminal.

I am pretty sure this is NOT chipset related, CPU related, BIOS setting related, or system memory related, since all of those components changed when I reformatted and rebuilt my system, and the problem existed with the old system just as it does now (with the same drivers).

Old System:
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+ (1466MHz)
Memory: 512MB PC2100
HDA: 200GB
HDB: 200GB
Chipset: Via KT400
Board: Abit AT7-MAX2
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 500
Monitor: Digital Flat Panel 19" Planar LCD Screen

New System:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.66GHz
Memory: 256MB PC2700
HDA: 200GB
HDB: 200GB
Chipset: Intel 845
Board: (unknown - ships in Dell Dimension 4550 systems)
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 500
Monitor: Digital Flat Panel 19" Planar LCD Screen


The older drivers took forever to load - these take forever to load too. I cannot ssh into my machine from another linux machine while startx is loading - it says "connection timed out" every time I try. The screen on the local system just goes black. There is no disk activity until about 2 seconds before the nvidia logo shows up on the screen... it just sits there totally unresponsive. I've tried changing options in my XF86config file (IgnoreEdid, UseEdidFreqs), etc, but it doesn't help. I noticed that a while ago a lot of people were having problems with TNT chips and this exact same situation, but that thread hasn't been posted to in 5 months. Their solution was to wait for a better driver release - which eventually came.

The GeForce 3 was never all that popular of a model, though, so I wonder if nvidia will ever fix this for us. Anyway, if you have any ideas, please let me know - I'd rather not have to go shopping, take a shower, eat lunch, and watch a movie only to come back and find that startx is just finishing up with its load. :-)

One other thing to note - when I look in "top" after it gets into X, X has used up about 3 minutes of CPU time - the amount of time it takes to load. Why would this be?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
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