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Default Re: What MMO's do we have to look forward too?

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
- Explain how the game is too "easy", remember to make such a statement you should have a basic understanding of the game mechanics.

- Every player I know in the game is above the age of 20 so your comment is a broad generalization reflecting a narrow experience with the game.

- Duh, it was an obvious troll post! But I love the game and it seems from my perspective that you never gave it a chance because of a preconceived notion, which I think is a shame.
paranoid much?

So there is a problem with me not liking a game? Let me guess. We are all suppose to like World Of Warcraft now? Tell me how that makes sense? I even stated I think WoW is a good game for some people. Thats not enough for you?

So again. WoW has great art direction. I love the way the game looks. I played it for a month and got bored. I never felt challenged. That and I just simply didn't like it. No, I will not waste more time on it to "give it another chance". Thats absolutely stupid to even bring that up. I'm sorry I never received the memo that I am suppose to like every game that "Ninjaman09" likes. If that "offends" you in some weird little way I'm sorry. I didn't know simply not liking a game was a crime.
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