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Default Re: Failed to load GLX after new hard drive

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me your suggestions!

Originally Posted by SirDice
You could just try to reinstall the nvidia-driver, I'm assuming you already tried that?

Yep. Good suggestion though.

Anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log? Or is that oldy still running XFree? Not sure when they've moved from XFree to Xorg.. Have a look at it's logfile. Missing
module dir mentioned in there?

Tis XFree in my case. I looked at the log and couldn't see anything that I know to be out of whack. I was going to attach a copy of the file for you to look at, but I discovered that my Samba server is not loading correctly either. (I access this forum from my Windows box.) I am beginning to think that I have more problems than first met the eye. In fact, from looking at the log, it looks like the Nvidia driver is loading. GLX is failing, but that may have been true all along.

/tmp does contain some needed directories. .ICE-unix and .X11-unix both dirs should at least exist and have their sticky bit set.
.X11-unix was there. I added .ICE-unix, but that did not change things.

Looks like I may have to punt. There seems to be more wrong than I thought.

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