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Default Re: Problem with VGA to DVI

Unfortunatly my LCD won't output 720p via component, for some reason...

I also have tried removing all interferences (wireless speakers, wireless router, modem, heater, speakers etc), from the vicinity of the TV, I also changed the power outlet and still no go. However the frequency of the interference seems to have changed to a high frequency signal (smaller waves, but more waves), moving horizontally. Also this interference isn't constant, it seems to be cyclical. (one moment the image is fine, then waves, then fine, then waves..).

I also tried tightening/lossening the VGA cable adapter while looking at a paused image, seems to have no effect on the interference so I believe the cable may not be at fault. (or at least not just the cable). I will try later on to plug in a pc using the same DVI to VGA adapter to see if I can reproduce the interference.
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