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Default BUG: Oops 0000 or 0002 with error msg "Unable to handle kernel paging request"

Attached is a zip file with 5 oops output, nvidia-installer.log, and nvidia-bug-report.log. The Oops msg is always 0000 or 0002 with an error just before it of "Unable to handle kernel paging request." Sometimes this causes the machine to lock up, with the CapsLock and ScrollLock LEDs blinking while other times it just causes the current program to crash.

I don't know exactly how to reproduce the Oops but it seems to happen most often while either running Savage (a game), Bzflag (game), playing a video with kaffeine/xine, or while running Azureus or bittornado. I used to think this was a memory problem, because of the "Null pointer reference" message in some of the Oops outputs but I've run all 2 GB of my RAM (1 DIIM at a time and both together) through memtest86+. I ran it overnight for 2 nights (20 passes each night) and it found no errors. Then I determined that this occurs only when the Nvidia drivers from are installed. If I use the nv driver, I do not get an Oops. I've been using version 9746 of the nvidia drivers, but it happened on earlier drivers as well.

This is and AMD64 system but when I run Savage, I have to run it in a 32-bit jail, in which I use the 32-bit GLX drivers. It just occurred to me that this might be the difference between the 0000 and 0002 Oops messages but I am not sure.

Edit: I should mention that this is a Geforce 7600GT and that I have checked all of these items:
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