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Default CentOS install with big drives 750GB

I am installing linux on a new backup server at work and I am having a nasty time with it. It's a brand new Dell 2950 with 6-750Gb drives in it with a perc5i controller. I am installeing the 64-bit version of CentOS 4.4. I am able to create all of the mount points, the largest being 2TB but after finishing the install it won't boot into the OS.

The first time I installed it would freeze and never start loading the OS. Just for the fun of it, I installed Windows 2003 and updated the bios of teh Mb and controller. It booted into windows with no problem. I then wiped it clean and reinstalled Linux, this time I got an error:

"Error loading operating system"

Any one have any ideas? I am going to probably have to call Dell on Monday, but I was hoping someone here has seen something like this.

Thanks for any suggestions....
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