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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Heh, well, I finally got around getting this game.. Basically, I needed about $10 to qualify for free shipping on Amazon, and noticed RoE is only $10.

Wow!! This game is much harder and much more fun.. I gotta be half way through, I think.. I just stopped where I *just* picked up the rocket launcher. I'm playing on the step before the hardest (nitemare which is greyed out) and its challenging.. Even when I can "predict" an "event", sometimes they still get me... cause they seem to teleport in around you now more, and sometimes cut off your retreat. Heh, if this game gets even harder, Hmmm, I might have to hone my skills a bit more..

The artifact here helps GREATLY and adds another dimension to gameplay.. For example, I knew there was going to be more of them coming because you can feel it when you finish a milestone, like unlock something.. So I had my artifact ready, and a hear them teleport in, slow time down, pull out the double shot gun and feed a skeleton rocket launcher dude a double shell shot in the face, only to turn around and see another rocket flying from the other side, which I of course, dodge, and start running,a nd somehow in the mess set off a barrel and I explode into a mess! LMAO! Doom gameplay at its finest, and I mean this in a good way.

Games like this you gotta play a slight notch in difficulty above your comfort level, else you can be relatively lazy and then it becomes boring.

Maybe after this, I should pick up FEAR, anther game I never got the time to pick up.. lol
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