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Default Bad FPS on 4200ti ?


I have a GeForce 4 4200TI card 4x AGP. I run Linux 2.4.21rc1 (Slackware 8.1) with the latest NVidia 4363 drivers, X-4.2. I have an Athlon XP 2000 with a VIA KT400 motherboard.

When I first tested the card (on a different system), the default glxgears produced FPS of 9000 or more. I even had the occasional 11000 FPS. These were with older NVidia drivers, and the system in question is perhaps half as powerful as the system i'm currently using.

When I put the card on my current system, with the KT400 Mobo, my FPS dropped to around 7000. For some reason, after playing Unreal Tournament 2003 yesterday, and updating to the latest NV drivers. the framerate on glxgears is now between 3500FPS and 4500FPS. I've tried switching to older drivers (all the way back to 3123) but nothing seems to help.

I doubt this behaviour is normal. Can someone suggest a reason for this? (i've checked that i'm using the proper NV GL libraries etc etc). Are there any options i can provide to the kernel module to improve performace perhaps? or some XF86Config option i'm missing?

Also, could someone pls provide me with sample framerates for this card when running glxgears. I simply run "glxgears" for my tests, i do not resize the default window in any way. I run X at 1024x768 (no twinview/xinerama setup).


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