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Default 8800GTS Slow?!

X7DAE 5000X chipset
2 x Xeon Dempsey 2.66GHz (4 cores + 4 SMT virtual cores)
4GB FB-DIMM @ 533MHz
256 PCI hole
8800GTS (Leadtek)... was 7900GT
620W PSU

Windows XP Pro x32 (with some nLite enchancements)
nVIDIA 97.72

3dmark2001: 21000
nVIDIA demos: Smoke, Adrianne, & Froggy run *very slow & choppy*
3dmark2005: first 2 scenes about 30fps... last 2 about 2fps *barf!*
3dmark2006: uber slow 15fps at best

I have not tried any games yet.... but I dont know why it is so crummy... the 7900GT did better.

Any thoughts?
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