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Originally Posted by TheHighHat

20A & 18A


Also, I do not quite understand how the current would cause such poor performance and yet still enable the machine to run.

nVIDIA monitor reports GPU core at 512 MHz & GPU memory at 792 MHz.

Supermicro mobo monitoring tools (X7DAE) say all voltages stable & normal.
Okay, even if you were to underpower the GPU- you wouldn't know it untill you did something that would stress the GPU.

When you are just at the desktop, the GPU is essentially idle. Thus, it really isn't consuming much power at all. But once you fire up a game with lots of eyecandy, the GPU has to work much harder- thus requiring more "juice". Just like when you stomp on the accelerator of your car, it'll consume more gas a lot quicker than if you were to gently and barely press down on the accelerator.

I'm thinking the PSU might be to blame. Dual rail PSUs really do suck for one reason: the first rail is always 100% dedicated to the CPU. This is pretty dumb as the CPU will never actually need that many amps- but that is just the way it is. So, that leaves only the amps on rail2 to power the rest of your system.

If you happen to have access to a PSU that is single, Tri, or quad-rail and has higher amps that you can devote to the graphics card- try that.

Otherwise, it very well might be a defective card... or something else.
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