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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by moriarty99
Look, I know it's NOT your fault that the price listings you regularly post in the news sections change within a couple of hours, but at this point it's downright misleading and bad enough to totally kill my ability to trust this site's hardware adverts. Great examples are ALL over the front page of lame underpricing and then actually clicking on the link leads you to NOTHING in that price at all! Average is 50 or more dollars off!

Nvnews is a great site and all, but you need to step up and take responsability for your front page postings and FIX THEM. If you can't garuntee the price you post won't be there an hour later, don't post it, it makes you look like your helping these companies bait and switch. That's NOT how I think you want to look. Mike C. is the primary offender of this. Don't damn well post what you can't back up. I'm VERY tired of clicking your links to a supposed good price only to find it DOESN'T exist. Essentially, that is lying, evne if it's true for a few minutes, if you KNOW it won't stay that way, why post it? Making a link to this complaint over on the other forums I visit in case I get flamed/banned for pointing out a valid and solid point.

"BFG Technologies GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card from $359" - But here's what that posting leads to:
409, WTF is that??? 359 does NOT equal 409. That's almost criminal.

"MSI GeForce 8800GTX Video Card from $544" - But here's what that link leads to:
574.99... Yeah, that's honest. BULLCRAP!

2 examples of MANY all over your front page. Terrible, just terrible. Absolutely kills credibility.
So why don't you volunteer your time to continually update the links?

I'm quite certian MikeC does not have the time to sit there all day making sure that the prices are 100% accurate.
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