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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by A101Sugar
finally some1 commented on this....

I have no problem with it, becuase now I just ignore all of it...

but the point of listing a really low price is so more ppl click and open the link which equals more page views and more traffic ... which equals more money paid to because more ppl go to pricegrabber
EXACTLY!!! And wether meant to be or not, Nvnews is commiting fraudulent behavior. Wether it's against the law or not is immaterial or SHOULD be to this site's staff seeing as it should be a matter of PRIDE to either keep it up to date and fixed, or not do it (those pricegrabber posts on the news page) at all. Period. I wasn't saying I'M going to be the one who reports anything to the ISP, but what if they DO find out? And it IS the right thing to do to INSIST that this be fixed or stopped.

Flamers be damned, I'd fix it myself if given the chance! Hell, I don't HONESTLY believe Mike is doing this knowingly, but it IS something that seems dishonest to leave alone once made aware of, and it is a little tough to swallow that it's not known about and is just being ignored because it SEEMS to be beneficial to the site. But it's NOT. That's an illusion and the fact is it's been noticed by quite a few others I've talked to on other forums. This isn't "Nvnews bashing", this is an honest attempt to get the staff off their butts and fix a big problem that left unchecked WILL get much uglier eventually when somebody less concerned for this site's welfare doesn't bother to try to address this with you and goes STRAIGHT to your ISP and gets this place shut down or threatened to be shut down. That would suck as I consider Nvnews a great place for info on my vid card and would hate to see that happen. I'm also frustrated rightfully for wasting time clicking links Mike posted that are pointless seeing as the REAL prices are right below my post and that seems pretty up to the moment accurate...
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