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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by moriarty99
I didn't threaten ANYBODY. I said something needs to be done, and if TALKING about it is a threat, then you must be buddies with George Bush. The only reason I'm talking about it on other forums is because of the very thing that happened here, flamers trying to pee on a valid point.

The Pricegrabber function is NOT a helpful function for this site in it's current incarnation and needs fixing or it looks VERY bad. I think that much is obvious to anybody with a REASONABLE mind who isn't an immature fanboy and flamer.
first you call it criminal

People like you have to defend the criminal behavior because you have been ALLOWING it
by having a bug in a system is now criminal then hell, john carmak is one of it not the biggest criminal in the world.

how could you say you didnt threat when you said this
Nvnews's provider and host may care that the site they're hosting is commiting fraud and not attempting to fix it.
this sounds like a thin vailed attempt at a threat to me..are you that stupid that you forget your own words....idiot.
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