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Arrow Summary of GeForce 8800 Game Issues

issues in vista with 100.54 driver + 8800

Scarface = entire game is corrupt (textures/models missing)
Gothic III = entire game is corrupt, driver crashed and recovery, leaves black screen
NFS Most Wanted = game crash, driver recovery in menu
R6 Las Vegas = after few minutes of play, weird horizontal lines and boxes show up flashing and moving on the screen. Same problems happens in Windows Desktop after quiting the game
Deus Ex IW = game freeze, with error screen
FEAR = runs extremely slow, about 15fps
Simcity 4 = unplayable, my guess is that the problem is caused by directx7 emulation
Neverwinter Nights = game also runs very slow
Neverwinter Nights 2 = game runs over 50% slower then on XP
Black and White 2 = after few minutes everything starts to be blurry
Hitman Bloodlines = no AA, micro stutter very often, even at high FPS
Sid Meier Railrods = very low FPS (10-19 FPS on 8800GTX)
Sid Meier Pirates! = very low FPS

No Issues runs great
UT 2004 (just the micro stutter)
GT Legends
Test Drive Unlimited (slightly slower)
Company of Heroes
Tomb Raider Legends (just slower)
Guild Wars
NFS Carbon (works after hotfix that released yesterday, no windows 98 compability required, still allot slower then XP)
Call of Juarez - working now, same hotfix from MS fixed the keyboard and mouse problem, first game that actually plays just like on XP, or even faster
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - game works great after Reloaded "patch"

will report back with more later
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