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Default trying to install nVIDIA 1.0-4363 on Mandrake 9.0

Hello Experts,

Trying to install the nVIDIA 1.0-4363 driver, I got the message it does not find the 'linker': /usr/bin/ld, which should be part of the 'binutils package'.
I checked the nVidia release notes; it only says I need this linker... So, I aborted the installation.
Now I wonder:
(1) Is this 'linker' really missing, (how to check?)
(2) Where can I get it?
(3) Which hurdles to take, to get it installed.
I happily noticed the effortless installation of the WinXP version of this driver, on my XP partition.
Thank you for any helpfull reply. Please consider the fact that I am an absolute Linux newbie. I already got some hints on other fora, but I did not understand.
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