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Default Projection vs LCD

I've been reading various reviews where TVs using LCoS/DLP systems have better PQ than a LCD TV. The one thing that bothers me though is that all the projection systems in the stores seem kind of dim compared to a LCD. I'm currently using a fairly cheap LCD monitor (the Westinghouse LVM-37W1) but one thing it does have going for it is that it's very bright. Are the projection TVs just not adjusted correctly in the stores or is that just one of the advantages of a LCD TV? My black levels suffer on the Westy but I'm not sure how well I'd adjust to a display that isn't nearly as bright. So, I guess what I'm asking is if the projection TVs can get close to same brightness or if that's just a tradeoff you have to make to get a better contrast (better black levels)?

So, can someone that has gone from a LCD TV/monitor to a projection TV (or has owned both) compare the two.

One of the projection TVs I'm considering is the one mentioned in this thread:

I'm also considering the less expensive Sony KDS-60A2000.

On the LCD side, the two I'm looking at are the newish 52" Sony LCD or the Sharp 52" LCD. I'd probably wait a bit for the price to drop a bit on the Sony 52" LCD though.

Here is the Sony 52" LCD I'm considering:

So, that's another tradeoff, possibly 52" (LCD TV) versus 60"+ with projection.

Any thoughts on this?
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