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Default Re: 7950 GT/GX2 configuration problem

I've got the same problem! But i installed the drivers form the NVIDIA Server via YOU.
Can anybody help me?! I'am a unexperienced Linux User. I got my old 6600gt runnin like hell! :=P, but now i need more power and the 7950GT runns like a RIVA on my Linux.

openSUSE 10.2

Gainward 8149-BLISS 7950GT 512MB Golden Sample

Product Name: BP7950GT-512-GS-TV-DD
Barcode: 471846200-8149
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7950GT
GPU Clockspeed: 580+ MHz
Memory: 512MB 1,2ns DDR3
Memory Clockspeed: 1500+ MHz
Pixels per clock (peak) : 24
Bandwidth: 48+ GB/s
Ramdac: 400 MHz
Bus: PCI-Express
Cooling: Fan (Two-slot)
Video-Features: Component, S-Video & Composite Out
Connectivity: Dvi + Dvi + Video-Out
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