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Default Re: 6600GT Terrible 2D performance

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
the problem is that it would be possible to write accalerating drivers - but no one at nvidia cares. Their focus shifted away from 2D performance a long, long time ago.

Sadly my card is 99.70% of its lifetime used for 2D stuff.

lg Clemens


I'm sorry to say I now feel the same way you do.

I've used nothing but Nvidia cards since the TNT1 days, and when I switched to Linux over 8 years ago I was happy to bring my Nvidia cards with me. I've owned many tnt/tnt2/geforce/geforce2/geforce3,etc. over the years, and been very happy with them.

However since I purchased this 6600GT card a year and a half ago I have been completely miserable and disappointed with this font situation. I would have never believed that my old geforce3 could outperform this card on simple daily 2d usage until I experienced it for myself.

Sure, I could turn off subpixel rendering, but I shouldn't have to. Looking at grey-AA on my beautiful flat panel make my eyes want to bleed.

I recently bought a notebook that happened to have an ATI X700 in it, and it works wonderfully! While the openGL / Games are not up to par with the nvidia drivers, it isn't bad, and serves my needs. For most of my daily work, though I still use my desktop, and when I upgrade my desktop next month, I am going with ATI.

Sad but true.

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