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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by Digital_Trans
Here's my updated system configuration with my new 46" Sony Bravia LCD Television - 1080p Model: KDL46V25L1 I returned the Vizio 46" HD LCD Model: GV46L because of poor quality issues and because it wasn't a true HD television due to the fact that it can only produce 1366 X 768
I wanted a true 1080p television. The Sony Bravia LCD does 1920 x 1080p vs 1366 X 768 720p, 1080i
Just a FYI to dispel any myths, 720p *is* a true HD television.

720p = true hd
1080i = true hd
1080p = true hd

Don't listen to Sony bull****.
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