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Default Re: 1080i Bug with Component Video Output 6150

I too am in the process of building a Myth TV box out of the ASUS M2NPV-VM Micro ATX AMD Motherboard with the GeForce 6150. I have my HDTV connected up using the component video connections on the daughter board. The windows drivers produce a high quality display at 720p and work at 1080i (although I donít like using a computer display interlaced)

I then installed Fedora Core 6 X86-64 and upgraded to the NVIDA driver 1.0-9746 using the Livna Repository and yum. I get a display and can switch to 1024x768 and have not configured my X-server for 720p. The GUI tools for tweaking X donít have that mode.

The problem is that everything is just tinted way blue. It is as if there is no red or green in the picture. It is not a cabling problem because I can boot back to XP and it looks just fine. It has to be a linux driver problem. Using the NVIDA X server settings tool I canít fix it by changing the gamma or other corrections. Any ideaís what to look at next? What does you Xorg-conf file look like?
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