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Default nvidia reactions to Greg Kroah-Hartman's announcement.

I just read over at the linux kernel mailinglist about an offer from the kernel developers to develop and support drivers for free.

"All that is needed is some kind of specification that describes how your
device works, or the email address of an engineer that is willing to
answer questions every once in a while."

"If your company is worried about NDA issues surrounding your device's
specifications, we have arranged a program with OSDL/TLF's Tech Board to
provide the legal framework where a company can interact with a member
of the kernel community in order to properly assure that all needed NDA
requirements are fulfilled."

I realize this announcement is probably more targeted at companies with no linux support at all, but i'm still curious on nvidias reactions. It would be great to hear if nvidia plans to continue as usual with their gfx-drivers, or perhaps take the linux devs. up on their offer.
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