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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by Redeemed
The reason you are being called a retard is because Mike's price quotes were accurate. You just failed to realise that he had listed the price after all rebates and other savings were included. As in he did the math for you.

There is absolutely no false advertising going on. You read it wrong.

A simple "I apologize." would suffice.
I agree 100% with this. Most of the people here would actually be willing to let it go completely if you just apologize and admit you made a mistake, myself included.

As it is though, this is completely ridiculous and you went waaaay overboard. You're claiming to be a 30-something year old (judging by the other banned account) parent who is sooooo responsible that he could create a perfect pricing list (which hopefully doesn't contain any mail in rebates ) yet you go off on a massive tantrum talking about breaking laws and such... give it a rest or preferably apologize to mike for making a mistake and trashing this site because of it. He calmly explained exactly why his prices are the way they are and its clear that you didn't even bother clicking the prices to see if they were correct, you at least owe him an apology.

... Oh and regardless of what you decide to do, some of the comments in this thread are gold.

EDIT: BTW, for anyone from Rage reading this, I have never had anything against your site and I'm sure most of the people here havent either. I think most of the negativity between the sites comes from idiotic accusations and tantrums like the one in this thread getting spread around. Obviously it isnt any huge deal what one forum thinks of another (z0mg teh forum w4rz!! ), but its probably a good idea to fully read into future rants like moshpit's before making any assumptions about this site, its owner or the members here. We aren't bad guys.
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