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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by moriarty99
Who is? Me? Hardly. Your not seeing the PM's involved between me and other folks who arn't politically terrified that Nvnews will start a site war like SOME over there are. Not everybody fears Nvnews. And the rebate joke? I'll agree with the retard part of your comment, the joke was retarded. As are you. And no, I'm not candle, he'll tell you himself seeing as I rode his ass like a cowboy rides a bull until he stopped FUD'ing and straightened up nicely. Now he's a pretty okay member over there.
lmfao a site war?

Most people at nVnews have jobs, a family, and a real life, and could really give two shakes about a "site war." (that's got to be one of the gayest things I've ever read - a site war LOLerz)
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