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Default Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600

Oh this is really interesting!
I have the same kind of message with the bug mentionned here:
My laptop reseller claims that the "trick" discovered in this topic is not the way to make the GeForce7xxx working correctly (but they don't want to tell me how they manage to do it, they would prefer that i buy their preconfigured Mandriva 2007...).

So, do you know the way they could have used to bypass this bios issue?

Note: the BIOS is a Phoenix TrustedCore and it is the latest version available (i guess, because i didn't find a place to download a new version). The laptop reseller is Keynux...

Venator: you might consider to try to use the "trick" with the perflevelSrc option but it is at your own risks...
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