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Default Need some help getting to 2.8GHz with my A64 x2 4800.

Hi, I have so far gotten to 2.70GHz stable but not really content with that at all, so I would like (correction, love to!!) get to 2.8!! However everything I have tried so far I have failed to pass prime at even 2.75GHz

What I have tried: From 2.7GHz I had (have) default chipset voltage, default ram voltage, ram at 333Mhz (and timings set at 3-3-3-8 1t). The usual HT multi setting (x4). 11x CPU multi, FSB - 246. vcore - at 1.43v in bios (1.45/47v in cpu-z)

When I had a go at 2.75 I set my memory voltage right up to 2.9v. Increased the chipset voltage up to 1.6v, which is highest possible, and then of course set the FSB to 250. I also cranked the vcore up to 1.46 (1.5 in cpuz...).

And what happens?.... I fail prime95 in under an hour...

I really expected to pass there, what am i doing wrong? Any suggestions to get me to at least 2.75? Thanks.
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