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Default Re: Any one read this yet?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Thats why Sony is putting such a high bet on Blu-Ray, if sony can grab some of the people who just want a nextgen video player they make some money off Blu-Ray sales. Look at OWA, he had a PS3 for maybe a month and owns tons of movies already...

Sony knew the risk with the PS3, this isn't a suprise to them at all, hell the PS3 was hurting them prior to its release.
How much money does Sony make for every Blu Ray disc sold ?

I don't have figures but if it's anything like DVDs and similar technologies regulated by a consortium, it's really nothing compared to the licensing fees imposed for publishing a videogame on a proprietary console.

People mention BluRay as a mean for Sony to recoup the costs while I think the real ROI will be the mass manufacturing of components like the HD drives and Cell processor (which is more similar to a DSP than to a traditional processor) which will allow Sony to include such technologies in a cost effective manner on a wide range of other products.

Considering the background of current Sony management, it seems that Sony sacrificed its most profitable brand to regain dominance in the more traditional consumer electronics sector by leveraging the advanced technology employed in a videogame console.
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